Side is approx. 75 km away from Antalya and 65 km from Alanya. Side is a city with a fascinating history, something that you notice by taking a walk in the city's harbor. Come along on a trip through history! In ancient times the Side port was one of the most important along the coast. 

Side was colonized by Aolians, a Greek folk from the Aegean region around 600 BC. With 60,000 inhabitants Side was the largest and richest port in Pamphylia. In 334 BC Alexander the Great took over Side and the city was introduced to the Hellenistic culture. Alexander the Great's death led to a power shift in Antalya city and Side and between 100 and 200 BC they were under the control of the pirates. 

There was a slave market in Side during this period, which was stopped when the Romans took over the area. The city continued to flourish, but after a few years of repeated attacks by the Arabs, the Romans gave up and moved to Antalya. Today, Side is a popular tourist destination visited by both senior and young people. It is a mixture of culture, history and sunbathing. Take a walk through the old town with Apollo and Athena's temple, the ancient theater and the museum. 

At the same time, this is a modern city with great possibilities of shopping and nightlife.