Alanya Excursions

There is a reason that Alanya has become one of the biggest tourist centres of the Mediterranean. 
Alanya’s location between Taurus-mountains and turquaz Meditterian, gives it very special atmosphare and Alanya is unsurprisingly called as Riviera of Turkey. In recent years, Alanya has taken the position as Turkey's most popular holiday resort. 
The most remarkable characteristic of Alanya is a castle, that has long and interested history. Castle is dividing city to east and west sides, and is today as spectaculer then all the way back to 1200’s. People in Alanya says, that if you dont visit Alanya castle, you havent been in Alanya.
Alanya's history dates back to 300 BC when the city was inhabited by pirates. According to the legend, the Roman general gave Mark Antony a part of Alanya's turquoise beach strip as a wedding gift to the Egyptian queen Cleopatra. Whether it's true or not, one cannot deny that Alanya's beaches are amazingly beautiful.

About 250 000 people live in the city permanently, but during the high season the total population is tripled when thousands of tourists come here. Although the amount of tourists has increased, the local prices are still low. The bazaars in the center of Alanya take your breath away with all reasonably priced leather goods, gold jewelry and textiles. Popular products bring with you home are handmade carpets, soaps, spices and nuts, which will give your home a sense of Turkey even though you are many miles away. We recommend you to visit the local weekly bazaars if you want to know the real Turkey.

Small villages with authentic local living are geographically not far from modern international city life, but this variation offers to tourists combination that can not be beated.
Alanya offers  activities to all kind of people and age groups. Families joys comfortable hotels and safety beaches, youngsters loves Alanya’s world wide known night life, and older people are happy with short distances and safety aroundings. 
Alanya is holiday paradice for everybody!