Side Excursions

The town of Side is in the middle of an ancient Pamphylian country. It has a  mythological history  beautyfull sea, sand and sun. The stone buildings in the centre include a well-preserved amphitheatre, a temple of Apollo with its erect and not-so-erect pillars, the facade of a classical library building, a Roman bath and more.
Side lies about 75km east of Antalya airport. 

The 45 minute drive from Antalya passes the ancient cities of Perge, Selge and Aspendos, all interesting historic sites to explore, and the Manavgat waterfalls, a nice cool spot to escape the summer heat.
Tourism in Side began in the late 50s when it was a little village, and archaeological excavations – as well as the empty beaches – started to attract people. Relics from these archaeological efforts are exhibited in the Side museum, housed in a perfectly restored Roman bath. Among them are some of the finest Roman statuary that has been found in this area.
Today the west beach is full of holiday resorts with good quality, nice sea that fits perfect for children families since it is shallow, a long beach walk that goes to Side city center attraks booth joggers and the once that like to watch the beautyful sunset. 
By contrast, the east beach is still comparatively unbuilt area, thanks to the archaeological site covered with dunes. You can walk through the library gate, pass the toppled marble pillars and reach the beach. This beach is popular for all kinds, old as young. It is popular for it great sand beach that is wide and nice. 
In the harbour side, Side has plenty of bars and restaurants, ice-cream stands and some nightlife. Then plenty of shopping oppertunites. You can find everything from nice sovernuirs, jewellery, clothes, leather and carpets.

To see the more local living life, there goes dolmus buses to Manavgat city that is about 10 km from Side city. In here you find the local bazaars and see the famous waterfall.