Golf Packages

At FBB Travel, every special quality service provided is designed to fulfil every particular need and desire in the most ideal manner:

For your accommodation: In collaboration with the best professionals in the field, we offer you a wide variety of accommodation options in the most well-known hotels of any type.

For your transport: Taking into consideration your safety, we ensure any type of transport regardless the distance, as we possess top of the notch certified means of transport.

For organizing your business & private events: With years of experience, expertise and innovative ideas, taking your vision as a starting point, we create the most successful events for you.

For the most affordable offers & packages: Together with a strong network of business contacts throughout the country, we present to you a collection of competitive, affordable options to choose from.

For whatever reason you are visiting Turkey: Having made a name for itself in the field of incoming tourism, FBB Travel offers a wide range of options and activities, from the beginning till the end of your travel experience.  This collection and variety of our options is as diverse as each special preference or particular character a visitor may have.  

We design and implement around you, for you, together with you your next travel experience.